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LQ uses combinations of rhythmic, binaural, and algorithmic methods to deliver soundscape experiences which offer an intense and effective entrainment experience..

Binaural Brainwave Entrainment (Applications) (Pg 1/2) 1, 2

Brainwave entrainment works by providing beneficial waveform stimuli for your brainwaves to orchestrate with.

The application of the binaural entrainment process is quite simple. You hear two separate tones in each ear. Let's say 407 Hz and 400 Hz. Each ear hears a singular tone, while your brain detects the difference between these two frequencies and 'produces' a 3rd tone of 7 Hz. (Look to the linked chart to see that 7 Hz equals a relaxed Theta state.)

Even though you perceive this 7 Hz sound, this third tone is not an actual sound at all. Rather, it is an electrical signal that can only be perceived within your brain by both hemispheres working together. The result of this hemispheric cooperation results in brainwave entrainment; which is simply the matching of your brainwave activity to the waveform sources that your mind can emulate.

As a result of perceiving the difference between the left & right stereo signals, both hemispheres of the brain begin to resonate to the binaural beat and synchronize. This left/right brain syncing, is called "whole brain synchronization" (or also, "whole brain functioning" and "hemispheric synchronization".

In addition to the proving the excitement of the brain's frequency following response, brainwave entrainment research indicates that whole brain synchronization is a condition wish is present at times of focus, creativity, clarity and inspiration.

LucidQuest makes use of binaural brainwave entrainment not only to deliver you into various states of consciousness, but also to encourage whole brain synchronization. We invite you to listen to our SoundScapes, which utilize this technology with amazing results.


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