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This index offers a springboard for those who would like to learn more about the power of both science and art. Look here to browse a collection of curiosities, marvels, and inspirations which help to fuel the work offered at this website...

Visit back often, as we will update the links section constantly. We do offer reciprocal links, so feel free to contact us if you would like to exchange. If your website can fit in our format, we'd be happy to list you.

Go to the contact section if you'd like to see your site on LQ, or to recommend others.

-- Mathematical and Fractal Resources --

Links ranging from String Theory to M.C. Escher. This link section includes resources which celebrate mathematics as tools of art and discovery. Main subjects include: geometry, fractals, dynamic systems, mathematically precise artwork and more. There is also a solid collection of software applications to create your own fractal tomfoolery.


-- Brain, Thought and Brainwave Resources --

Links about improving mental performance, brain disorders, treatments and a variety of other relevant topics . Main subjects include: IQ tests , brainwave frequency lists, treatment centers, software and equipment.


-- Sleeping and Dreaming Resources--

From insomnia to lucid dreaming, this section hold links about the land of Nod and how to get there... Main subjects include: lucid dreaming, sleep aides, research and more.


-- Music and Sound Resources --

The up and down push/pull rhythms of creation inhabit all that we witness. The manifestation of the 'waveform' is the grand tool of creation. This section covers all things sonic. Main subjects include: Mozart, music and more music, cymatics, rhythms, noises, animal's voices, the ocean's song, thunder, earthquakes, the sun and many other things that go boom, bip and woosh.


-- Reciprocal Links and Web Rings--

Links that have been traded with dreamers, wizards, genius and all around good folk . Subjects are undulating and evolving. Have a look, or submit your own link. Additional instructions are found within...



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