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We strive to assist you by providing cutting-edge audio entrainment stimuli for brain development. LQ combines rhythmic, binaural, and algorithmic methods to deliver soundscape experiences which offer an intense and effective entrainment experience...

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Learn about LucidQuest 's Methods...
  The LucidQuest Method: Learn the art and science behind LucidQuest's SoundScapes, and the audio engineering...
  The 4 Brain Wave States: Learn the four main rates which dominate the brain, as recorded by an EEG (electroencephalograph).
  Frequency Following Response - is the brain's response to external frequencies. By using this response, new doors are being opened in regards to the health and functioning of the brain...
  Binaural Entrainment - is one of the many methods that LucidQuest uses to help a you achieve beneficial brainwave states.
  Cymatics - is the study of wave phenomena. LucidQuest uses a cymatic approach to deliver the logical geometry of sound to the landscape of your mind.

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