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Brain Evolution System - Brainwave Training Library

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Understanding the four major brainwave states




Does your brain work for you, or against you? Do you master your mind, or does it master you? Modern life riddles the brain with distractions. In our fast-paced, competitive, hyper-stimulating world, quieting our minds and developing our deepest abilities is a skill which cannot be denied.

The Brain Evolution System - a Complete Six Disc Brainwave Training Library


  Increase your ability to learn, think creatively, solve problems, and achieve any goal - Master the power of your brain!

  The Brain Evolution System (or BrainEv, for short) has been created as a training gym for the brain—allowing you to command beneficial abilities that varied professionals, and geniuses alike, take strength from. The revolutionary technology behind the BrainEv is designed to make these abilities easy to learn so that you can develop your own personal evolution.
Imagine being able to control your brain to effortlessly:

  Release tension - so you can relax and operate at emotional, mental, physical efficiency
  Quiet the mind - allowing you to concentrate and focus with laser-beam accuracy
  Stimulate productivity - to get what you need done and do it well
  Boost imagination - for a limitless supply of creative, useful ideas
  Heighten your interpersonal sensitivity – to gain greater communication and intimacy
  Increase your ability to understand and retain information – stop forgetting
  Traverse the conscious/subconscious bridge – and discover your sixth sense ‘intuition’
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How BrainEv works:

  Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. We call these electrical signatures ‘brainwaves’. Using specialized equipment, these waves can be measured and recorded, allowing us to map what brainwaves are present during certain key states of mind.

  Using our exclusive 3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (3P D.E.A.P.) we’ve created a 6 level program that blends inaudible audio pulses with 6 lavishly orchestrated natural sound environments. As you listen to each disc, the subtle audio effects stimulate the brain to create brainwaves that match a variety of beneficial states of mind. Say, for example, deep relaxation…

Results afre just 15 minutes!
EEG readings of a listener's brainwaves showing profound relaxation after 15 minutes of training with Brain Evolution System.

  The BrainEv does not use hypnosis or any kind of subliminal programming; rather, we help you to improve based on what the brain does naturally, on its own.

  To learn more about what the Brain Evolution System can do for you, >>>CLICK HERE<<<

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BrainEv is made up of 6 extraordinary brainwave training programs, each one designed to advance your abilities with a strong mind and flexible brain!
Level I - Transcendence | Level II - Lucid Echoes | Level III - Infinity |
Level IV - Crystal Rain | Level V - Neptune's Cave | Level VI - Fusion

NOTICE: Do not operate any dangerous machinery or vehicles while listening to these programs. For additional information, review our disclaimer.

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Learn More About BrainEv


Elite Inner Circle LucidQuest Audio Engineering

  The Brain Evolution System is produced by Elite Inner Circle in partnership with LucidQuest Audio Engineering.

  BrainEv is our most powerful and extensive system, rivaling any brainwave entrainment audio in the market, with its exclusive 3P D.E.A.P. audio technology.

  The result is a faster more accurate brainwave training experience that moves and shifts naturally like actual brainwaves do!

  BrainEv works so well, for so many, that it rivals and surpasses their expectations. We know this and back the system with a 7 month no-risk guarantee!



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