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Root to Sky - Brainwave Entrainment CD

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Does your brain work for you, or against you? Do you master your mind, or does it master you? Modern life riddles the brain with distractions. In our fast-paced, competitive, hyper-stimulating world, quieting our minds and developing our deepest abilities is a skill which cannot be denied.

ROOT TO SKY (R2S)- 2 Compact Disk Set

LucidQuest's debut, Root to Sky, is a sonic odyssey of rich ambient tones and multi-layered rhythmical orchestration. The primary goal of Root to Sky is to introduce your brain & mind to clearing distracting thought, and then allow your mind to focus on the controls which steer the brain.

Disk I is mental exercise which offers an introduction to swift relaxation, reducing cluttered thought, physical/intellectual rhythms, and managing the flow of complex thinking. Each track builds in complexity, while exercising and strengthening your to ability to generate calm and focus.

Entrainment methods include: Beta, Alpha and Theta binaural technology, as well as synthesized algorithmic audio layers.

Disk II provides minimal entrainment. Unlike the first disk, disk II is a collection of freeform compositions which were created while exploring the response of the brain and mind to the emotion and story of music.

Reveal the power of your mind's greater potential with complex rhythm. Bathe a troubled spirit within tides of swelling melody. Relax, develop focus and concentration, stimulate your cognitive ability, all while exploring and understanding your unique emotional landscape through music...

Though not required, to gain the full benefits of the CD recording, please use stereo headphones.


ORDER 2 CD SET $19.95
R2S - 12 multi-dimensional compositions spanning 2 disks:
CDs Contain : the essence of attraction - 8.52 | Common Gravity Entrainment - 9:09 | TranquilEssence - 6:57 | remembering G - 13:35 | animalFocus - 12:00 | Complexiomica - 14:03 | H.A.P.S.C.A - 5:44 | leave - 3:54 | look at this madness - 1:56 | the misuse of technology - 3:57 | tragic - 4:16 | Root - 11:08

NOTICE: Do not operate any dangerous machinery or vehicles while listening to these programs. For additional information, review our disclaimer.

R2S offers SoundsScapes from the LQ website, and more. These CDs are mastered with the rich stereoscopic effects and original audio that .mp3 encoding can not deliver. Hear layer upon layer of orchestrated soundscapes which help to either relax or invigorate your mind/brain system.

ORDER 2 CD SET $19.95





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