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4-Way the Brainwave Entrainment Sampler
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Does your brain work for you, or against you? Do you master your mind, or does it master you? Modern life riddles the brain with distractions. In our fast-paced, competitive, hyper-stimulating world, quieting our minds and developing our deepest abilities is a skill which cannot be denied.

4-Way: the Brainwave Entrainment Sampler

4-Way offers 8 powerful entrainment programs, 2 tracks for each or the four major brainwave states: Beta, Alpha and Theta and Delta.

Beta - The 'Do State'. highly alert, concentration, focus & cognitive effort

Alpha - Relaxed attentiveness, visualization, imagination & creativity

Theta - the 'Zone', deep meditation, memory, & vivid mental imagery

Delta - Deep sleep, rejuvenation, full relaxation & non-reactive awareness.

Use this CD to familiarize yourself with each of the brainwave states. The goal is to build your ability to create these states at will, when needed.

Though not requred, to gain the full benefits of the CD recording, please use stereo headphones.




NOTICE: For your safety, do not operate any machinery or vehicles while listening to these programs. For additional information, review our disclaimer.




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