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Feel free to download any of the fine eye candy below for use as your computer's desktop background image. They are terribly pretty and make for a lovely conversation piece. You'll see. Try one on for size...


Each thumbnail below opens to a 1024 x 768 size image. You may download and use these images on your desktop, or as you wish. If needed, use the image editor of your choice to resize the image to fit your desktop background.

When using these images DO NOT link to the Luciduest server! Those of you from "MySpace", and similar internet villages, are more than welcome to use the images in your profiles; but please, download the image, THEN post it to another internet site, rather than compromise LQ's bandwidth! If you need an image host try here, it's free!

You are welcome to use or distribute these images, for web or commercial purposes, as long as you site '' as the creators of the image. Look to the copyright section if you need to contact us with questions.



A call for Renascence - Let's get to work by tempering understanding and creating wisdom. The merging of Art and Science is a fundamental requirement towards promoting the longevity of any future societies. By uniting these two disciplines one can deliver the wonder and truth to all.  -- 2003 Michael Kelley --


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