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Lucidquest provides specialized brainwave entrainment programs to promote your mind's greater potential. The brain is a tool, control its use and evolve to become a master of mind, and the brain which it commands...

Welcome to LucidQuest's On-Line Audio Entrainment Portal.

Your brain/mind is a vastly complex and dynamic system. Inside of you, approximately 10 billion neurons communicate with one another through more than 100 trillion synaptic connections. These connections give rise to the networks that provide the cellular basis for your memory, learning and experience of consciousness. At the heart of the brain/mind system lays a simplistic framework. Indeed, this framework is shared by all things.

Consider the unfolding of the cosmos, the spin of our solar system, music, a crackle of thunder or even the atomic particles which compose your very body. Each of these is a manifestation of waveforms and harmonic patterning.

Your brain is no different. Your very consciousness is a product of multiple frequencies that form the great symphony that makes your very intelligence and organization possible!

Consider that your magnificent brain is a vehicle that you pilot. This brain that you command is an electrochemical marvel, and more so the interface of what you experience, what you think, what you desire and all the more...

You are the driver, so assume control. LucidQuest offers audio-based entrainment and enhancement tools to assist you ("the brain driver") in exploring and mastering the respose and control of your brain and mind.

To experience the full potential of these audio entrainment soundscapes, LucidQuest offers these specialized works on CD providing you with the audio clarity that exists from the original recordings.

For your convenience, .mp3 downloads are available for you to listen to immediately. Keep in mind that the audio encoding used on .mp3 tracks can not match the quality offered by LQ's original CDs.


LucidQuest's research and development is geared toward helping you achieve optimal states of consciousness, such as:

  • alleviating stress by promoting lasting reduction of anxiety
  • facilitating deep physical relaxation and mental clarity
  • increasing verbal ability and conceptual performance
  • reducing pain, promoting euphoria, and stimulating endorphin release
  • invoking vivid and spontaneous mental imagery
  • promoting imaginative creative thinking
  • synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain
  • accessing extra-sensory perception (ESP), and more


NOTICE: For your safety, do not operate any machinery or vehicles while listening to these programs. For additional information, review our disclaimer.


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