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Look here to browse a collection of curiosities, marvels, and inspirations which help to fuel the work offered at this website... Topics are added as they come. Enjoy!

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  Jason Martineau: There are individuals who live for exploring the unity between art and science, and Jason is a modern heirophant in this regard. Visit his dream force, 'Martineau Arts', after visiting the main page.
  Positive Action Day : It is a shame that finding a positive note within the moments of our day can be a chore. This website reminds us of the good fight. Each of us carries the ability to create positive actions in our world for the better. Nothing, is more important. Let's share our best possible actions now...
Reality Carnival : An evolving treasury of links sponsored by Ph.D professor Clifford A. Pickover. Cliff is a highly-acclaimed author of over 35 books on such topics as computers, art, religion, mathematics, black holes, human intelligence, time travel, alien life and musings on God.  
  the Avatar Lab : This site is hosted by a talented artist who creates custom avatars for web use. These avatars can be used in PHP web forums, or otherwise. Please do not link to the Avatar Lab server when using these images. Check it out
  Calico Web : Each page is like an open window into the thought and wonders of a gorgeous mind. Calico Web is an endless site which represents the efforts of one person trying to understand her role within the inter- connectivity which governs our world. : This site offers a link directory of several alternative health and spirituality sites. They are also accepting link submissions for their directory. If you get lost after searching, look below the pretty purple eye!
  Mystic Merlin's Crop Circle Board Game : Intricate crop circle games for the cosmically curious. Revelations of ancient wisdom! In every Deluxe game box you will find one exclusive treasure hunt entry form. Clues to the whereabouts of the crop circle treasure are in the game.




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